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The Lying, the Bitch, and the Wardrobe

Satc2008 A QUANTO PARE, a quelli del New Yorker non è poi piaciuto tanto il film di Sex and the City. Peccato, perché invece l’interpretazione che ne dà il New York Magazine, e cioè che le quattro ragazze del film-telefilm siano supereroine per un’estetica pop femminile, è intrigante.

Money Quote: Superheroes exist outside the laws and boundaries the rest of us have to abide by; while men want to see themselves flying and fighting, women are more interested in pushing other limits. How old can you be and still be hot? How many times can you break up and still be in love with someone? How many hours of the day can four working women conceivably spend together?

Pointing out that Carrie could never afford her apartment, let alone her wardrobe, is about as useful as questioning Robert Downey Jr.'s ability to create cold fusion in a cave in Afghanistan — it misses the point of the movie entirely