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“Sto venendo a Paros”

STEVE JOBS SE n'è andato, le testimonianze sulla sua vita stanno arrivando. Come quella di Jim Gianopulos, boss degli studios hollywodiani della Fox, che racconta in questo pezzo in prima persona il suo rapporto con Jobs.


Money Quote: A couple of years later, Steve invited me to join him at MacWorld to announce the launch of VOD on iTunes, which we had also worked on together. It was a serious badge of honor for a civilian, but it petrified me.

In the green room, before Steve went onstage to present to the 6,000 people hanging on his every word, I told him, "I don't know how you do it, walking back and forth out there for an hour with no notes or teleprompter in front of all those people."

He said, "It's easy, you just imagine you have a few friends sitting around your living room and you're telling them what's new."I used that advice that day, and in every public speech since.

But no one did it like Steve, because he knew what those 6,000 people and millions more wanted, even before they did.